Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Don’t make the wrong hosting kill your business

In today’s world every company has recognized the importance of having online presence and at the same time the importance of it in generating business and building a brand easily with the help of visitors and user of their products or services online. People always look for products and services online and choose those companies which have the best reputation both online and offline. All these users get data about the companies and their performance in the market in providing the services to their users from different sources like other websites and blogs. All the companies have been giving higher importance for this presence, brand value and always put effort to build it.

Having the best online presence covers many issues and requirement that need to be given importance and regular look up even post availing these facilities. To have the best online presence one should have a best website/application with simple and easy navigation, unique and informative content, offers for users and back end hosting support with high speed servers. But installing high speed dedicated server is too expensive and demands regular monitoring by a dedicated employee to it which further becomes a burden on companies. 

VPS Hosting which exactly performs like a dedicated server was an alternate to those users who are planning for a dedicated server and who can afford the cost too. These vps hosting servers were inexpensive and comes with the users desired configuration in terms of Disk Space, RAM, CPU capacity and band width that require to send and receive data. The companies, which have these vps, configure them on dedicated servers with the help of Hypervisor, a application which allows to have these vps configured without hassles and helps in maintaining them from service provider end.

Users get all kinds of root level access with these servers which will give them ample opportunities to build their brand online and these cloud vps hosting servers come with two different operating systems i.e Windows and Linux hosting. These virtual servers were further classified as Managed and Unmanaged hosting server. In which hosting companies take care of all kinds of maintenance activities in Managed Hosting and in Unmanaged the user needs to make these things on his own.

Companies which run websites/applications on slow servers have seen tremendous drop in their visitor counts and decreasing brand value even though they have one of the best product in the market. The hosting service which they chose has killed their business and dropped the brand value also in the market. Don’t ever let the small but important things like this ruin the value of the company online and offline and always opt for the best product from the best company in the market.